11:50pm Saturday March 16
BQFF Presents Midnight Screening of Rocky Horror
with Nell Campbell

BQFF celebrates 50 years of the queer cinematic classic that told audiences “don’t dream it, be it” with a traditional midnight screening and an introduction by cast member Nell Campbell. Give yourself over to absolute pleasure!

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2pm Sunday March 17
BQFF – Session 1

The BQFF International Short Film Competition brings the world’s best queer shorts to Bendigo with two programs of cinematic delights – Drama & Narrative Comedy and Documentory & Stories From Life. The Winner of the BQFF Short Film Award will be announced at the end of second session.

Marriage (In)Equality In Ukraine – Real-life couples – both LGBT and heterosexual, celebrity and not – come together to take part in a campaign for marriage equality in Ukraine. An eye-opening document of the Ukrainian queer community and the war in their country. Ukraine Dir: Yuriy Dvizhon

Rise Like a Phoenix – Eurovision aka the Gay World Cup. A poetic documentary about Eurovision Song Contest fans. UK Dir: Carl Hunter

Layered Identities: Intersectionality and LGBT rights – In their own words, LGBT+ rights activists from around the world, share what intersectionality means to them. A film that takes what could be a dry academic subject and makes it a visually enthralling discussion of diversity. UK Dir: Isolde Godfrey, Jess Harvey

Out in the World – Eager to break the cycle of suffering, Amy, a transgender dungeons and dragons master fights to develop safe spaces for young people in regional Australia. Through role play and character design, she creates the conditions for young people to explore identity, whilst chasing self-acceptance of her own. Australia Dir: Mitchell Withers

Private Flowers – In 1832, a Canadian infantry was killed for making love with another man. His rank was a Private, and his name was Flowers. A choreographed interpretation of how men might seek solace and affection with one another in extreme violence and war. Canada Dir: HAUI

Outpicker – A queer immigrant finds a sense of belonging in the Australian landscape through litter-picking. Australia Dir: Le Luo

The Enchanted Day of the Eres – Suzy is a priestess of Candomblé – an Afro-Brazilian religion which welcomes the vulnerable “travesti” and all gender identities. Candomblé temples are a place of refuge but also magic as elemental spirits join the revellers to spend a day in human form. UK Dir: Coraci Ruiz, Julio Matos

Queeroslavia – Where is queer culture hidden in Yugoslav cinema? A critical look into the shaping of queer representation in this region. Serbia Dir: Marta Cupric

Making Waves  – Filmed over the course of a weekend gathering on the coast of Co.Clare this documentary explores the experiences, uncertainties and joys of life as an LGBTQ+ person in rural Ireland. Ireland Dir: Shane O’Callaghan

The Lesbian Lobster Song – The rural lesbians of the north shore of Nova Scotia gather each spring to celebrate lobster season, and their voracious appetites, with feast and song. Canada Dir: Liss Platt

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4pm Sunday March 17
BQFF – Session 2
Drama & Comedy

The BQFF International Short Film Competition brings the world’s best queer shorts to Bendigo with two programs of cinematic delights – Drama & Narrative Comedy and Documentory & Stories From Life. The Winner of the BQFF Short Film Award will be announced at the end of second session.

Hana and Jessie-Lee’s Bad Habits – A hopeful single seeking connection meets a variety of characters night after night in an empty dive bar. Though it may seem at first like the rotating cast of dates are the problem, as the story unfolds it leaves you to question who the real bad date is. Australia Dir: Christopher Lichti, Hana Brenecki

Confusion of the Afternoon  – In the boring afternoon after class, two boys play poker cards. The inadvertent physical touch and eye contact touches one of the boys. An animated description of the common experiences and memories of gay growth and memory. Taiwan Dir: Yung-Chieh Lee

Detective Alice and The Inside Game – Join Detective Alice to find out who the mysterious outlaw is. USA Dir: Kyky Yang

Singing In Front Of The Colosseo – Chiara and Simone are friends who meet again after some time apart. Chiara has lost her desire to dream. Simone still dreams of becoming a dancer and tries to persuade Chiara to go back to dreaming. Suddenly Chiara’s words turn into a song… Italy Dir: Cristina Ducci

It’s a Match – Inspired by true events, “It’s a Match” is a light-hearted modern dating story. Set in Melbourne, the film explores insecurities and self-sabotage in the digital age. Australia Dir: Vidit Raichura

Steve the Queen – A drag queen struggles to be a better single parent before past baggage weighs him down. Steve the Queen explores queer single parenting in all its mundane glory and whiplash glamour. Australia Dir: Zachary Lurje

Only the Lovers – Amidst the imminent collision of Earth with a colossal planet, Amy, a closeted lesbian in her 70s, attends her friends’ wedding ceremony. There, she reunites with Patricia, her secret love from their youth. Amy finally confesses her love to Patricia. In the face of impending catastrophe, they embrace their love and meet their fate together as the world ends. USA Dir: Jocelyn Jihyun Koo

Ticker  – Howard drives his partner Joseph to hospital to undergo a high-risk operation, and the intimacy of the car, alongside a long forgotten mix tape, sees the masculinity of their forty year relationship start to yield. UK Dir: Thom Petty

Tied Hand  – Heng, who has been away from home for ten years because of gender identity issues, finally gets back home but to attend their mom’s funeral. China Dir: Ming Lou

The Prince’s Dilemma – A charming “Loony Tunes”-style animation that follows Prince Philip, who, longing to be with a prince of his own, must decide to follow the traditional tale expected of him or forge his own happily ever after. USA Dir: Devin Rowe

Realness with a Twist – A talented footballer is forced to battle between his secret passion for voguing and the fear of his teammate’s disapproval. UK Dir: Cass Kaur Virdee

Bold  – A surreal night shift of a female prison guard turns into a juggling fiesta, celebrating diversity and solidarity of women. USA Dir: Alla Kovgan, Miko Malkhasyan

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7pm Sunday March 17
BQFF – Session 3
Equal the ConTest plus Q&A

Feature Length Documentry about a womens football team in Castlemaine. When a 42 year old, non-binary filmmaker joins a new local women’s footy club in Regional Victoria a simple desire to play becomes a complex journey of inclusion and belonging. An unexpected turn means the team has to fight to play. Their campaign challenges age old sporting traditions and joins the wider movement for gender equity. Screening followed by Q&A with director, Mitch Nivalis.

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