13th Bendigo Queer Film Festival 8 - 24 April 2016

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Opening Night

Friday 22nd April
@ the Star Cinema

7.00pm Start

Proud sponsor of opening night

The Queer film Festival opens in grand style once again as we light up the facade and greet you with some bubbly and nibbles to kick off the film season. After the film, make your way to ICON Bar for an afterparty that is sure to make you feel good.

Remembering the man
Dir: Nickolas Bird & Eleanor Sharpe, Australia, 2015, 83 mins

Based on Timothy Conigrave’s much-loved memoir, Remembering the Man is a moving documentary that chronicles the relationship between Conigrave and his long-term partner John Caleo. Featuring little seen archival footage of the two men, the film is a tender tribute to their relationship whilst documenting the devastating effect of the AIDS virus in Australia.

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Film Season Continues
Saturday 23rd April
@ La Trobe Visual Arts Centre


Tab Hunter Confidential
Dir: Jeffrey Schwarz, USA, 2015, 90 mins

In 1950’s Hollywood, Tab Hunter was the embodiment of youthful American masculinity and a bankable star for Warner Brothers. But Hunter lived two lives – he was a studio heartthrob and intensely private about his sexuality. From I am Divine and Vito director Jeffrey Schwarz, this lm is about one man’s personal journey and the changing business of Hollywood. This highly entertaining documentary features John Waters, George Takei, Portia de Rossi and Debbie Reynolds.

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Girls Lost
Dir: Alexandra-Therese Keining, Sweden, 2015, 106 mins

Three teenage girls – all best friends – discover a mysterious plant that can change their gender overnight. The girls discover a whole new perspective on their high school lives, whilst grappling with the personal awakenings and sexual confusion the transformation brings about. Based on an acclaimed Swedish Young Adult novel, Girls Lost is an engrossing and moving gender-swapping fantasy.

Bendigo Queer Film Festival reacommends 15+

Swedish with English subtitles 120px-Deaf_signal_icon (Hearing impaired friendly)



Dir: Issie Soudy, 2016, 25min

Homo provides audiences with an opportunity to hear first hand accounts of queer people and their families' homophobic experiences. The film maker wants audiences from all kinds of backgrounds to have some perspective and insight into the ever pressing discrimination and general homophobic experiences of a diverse range of queer people.

As it turned out the film provoked some strong emotions from school staff.
The ambition was to complete a short documentary, Homo to be screened at the school's Arts and Technology Showcase. The Head of the Art Department informed Issie that her film had 'no artistic merit' and that it would be 'offensive to families and the school community, who would be attending the evening, therefore may not be screened.

The series of issues surrounding arts night highlighted the discrimination and stigma that unfortunately still exists, even in schools that purport to be a safe place? The drama surrounding the film has been a huge motivating factor for Issie to attempt to have my film screened to a broader audience.

The film will be followed by a Q&A session with the filmmaker.
This is a FREE EVENT, gold coin donations accepted.


School shielded student's documentary about homophobia from families at arts night.


Henry Gamble’s Birthday Party
Dir: Stephen Cone, USA, 2015, 86 mins

It’s Henry’s birthday and he’s having a pool party. The weather is hot and the tension is sizzling: Henry may be in lust with his best friend, Gabe, and cute drama geek, Logan, may be in love with Henry. Meanwhile, the adults are dealing with their own dramas. It is life in the deep Christian middle-class America, where everyone has a secret.



Desert Migration

Dir: Daniel F. Cardone, USA, 2015, 80 mins

A rainbow star spangled banner flies high above a stark desert landscape. This is Palm Springs, an oasis for HIV- positive older men escaping death, loss and the expense of living with long-term HIV. This touching documentary introduces us to a diverse community of the marginalised, including an ex-Broadway performer, a Studio 54 disco bunny, a former alcoholic and others who just want to live out their lives in a place that they love.

This film is followed with a panel discussion and the launch of the VACOUNTRY project.

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In partnership with Living Positive Victoria and VACountry a panel discussion will explore the changing landscape of HIV and Prevention.

The guest panel will discuss how HIV prevention, treatment and support have changed over the last three decades of the HIV epidemic in Australia.

A local facilitator will guide the discussion and provide a local perspective.

The panel discussion will close with Simon Ruth announcing the launch of the VACOUNTRY project. Drinks and nibbles provide.

Patrons Breakfast

Sunday 24th April
@ Capital Theatre banquet room

Guest Patron - Jason Ball

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Jason Ball is best known as the pioneering LGBTI advocate who in 2012 became the first Aussie Rules footballer at any level of the game to publicly come out as gay. Ball used this platform to launch a national campaign to challenge homophobia in sport and drive cultural change that has led to major advances in the AFL’s commitment to creating a more inclusive environment for all players and supporters.

We are very pleased to have Jason as our patron for 2016 and look forward to hosting him in Bendigo.

  • Bookings have closed for this event.

Film season continues
@ La Trobe Visual Arts Centre


Do I sound Gay?
Dir: David Thorpe, USA, 2014, 77 mins

Following a break up with his boyfriend, journalist David Thorpe sets out on a quest to unravel a linguistic mystery...All his life, like many gay men, Thorpe has felt self-conscious about his stereotypically un-macho voice. But what are its origins? And why is there such a stigma attached to "sounding gay"? Featuring candid interviews with Dan Savage, David Sedaris, Margaret Cho, George Takei and many more, DO I SOUND GAY? is a refreshingly frank and thoroughly entertaining look at a taboo subject.

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Portrait of a serial monogamist
Dir: John Mitchell & Christina Zeidler, Canada, 2015, 83 mins

Serial monogamist Elsie believes the key to avoiding a broken heart is to always leave your lover first. When Elsie breaks up with long-term girlfriend Robyn to pursue a crush on a DJ, she is surprised to ignite the disapproval of her loveable bunch of queer friends. This smart and authentic Canadian comedy is set to a fabulous soundtrack and is bound to be a Festival favourite.



City of Melbourne Australian Shorts Package

The Australian shorts package puts the spotlight on local queer filmmakers. This year’s films range from dark schoolyard dramas, intimate documentary, through to farcical camp and sweet romantic comedy. There is something for everyone!

Total running time for all 8 films is 80 min

Summer of ABC Burns
Dir: Dannika Horvat, 2015, 13 mins
In the summer of ABC burns, Gem discovers there is a lot she doesn’t know about her best friend Drew.


Dir: Jacintho Muinos, 2015, 15 mins
A late night Internet hook-up between a housebound gamer and a relentless party boy runs overtime and awkwardly transitions into a neighbourhood BBQ.


On Stage
Dir: Benjiman Southwell, 2015, 10 mins
Dean, an Aboriginal gay male, is banished from the family home by his father. He goes onto to become a celebrated drag performer but is still torn between the love for his father and his new found fame.


Dir: Madeline Kelly, 2015, 10 mins
A compelling and deeply moving story of the freedom that comes when faced with imminent mortality. 


The Fruity
Dir: Jamieson Pearce, 2015, 10 mins
Friday night at the
The Fruity means one thing: Friday night Karaoke BBQ!  Jorge the spunky new bartender is there to spice things up and for Lindsay; this is going to be a night to remember.

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Love is Love
Dir: Logan Mucha & Daniel Von Czarnecki, 2015, 11 mins
Inspired by photographer Lisa White’s
In Bed Project, the documentary takes an intimate look into the lives and homes of four LGBTI families across Melbourne.


Dir: Joshua Longhurst, 2015, 8 mins
It is the summer of ’93 and awkward teenager Dale has been dragged along by his parents to a caravan park. One night as he finishes up in the shower block, Dale’s secret crush arrives.


Dir: Stevie Cruz-Martin, 2015, 3 mins
In this intimate short Daniel Monks, who has a physical disability himself, strips for the viewer in a way to challenge society’s perception of people with disabilities.


Closing Night Film

That’s not us
Dir: William Sullivan, USA, 2015, 97 mins

Six friends, all couples – gay, straight and lesbian – head to the beach for a weekend of fun, sun and sex. But as they spend time together and the whiskey comes out, secrets are revealed and things get messy. Featuring a wonderful ensemble cast, this funny and heartfelt take on contemporary relationships is a modern-day The Big Chill for the queer set.


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